Tired of manually entering bank transactions?

Enter online banking statements AUTOMATICALLY into Quickbooks, Exact and SAP.

Save time and money: insert thousands of transactions in less than a minute.

Smart rules to automatically link transactions to debtors and creditors.

Excellent support is available from local experts. Let us help you get started.

We support almost all banks in the Caribbean.

No more mistakes!

Easily automate up to 90% of your bookkeeping work!

Step 1
Step 1

Export transactions from your online bank

Step 2
Step 2

Import your bank export file into EBI

Step 3
Step 3

Import processed transactions into your administration system


"I’m very pleased with Easy Bank Import. The program saves us a lot of time, it helps to prevent errors. My colleagues are also very happy with it because Easy Bank Import takes over the boring work so they can concentrate on the more challenging parts of their jobs. Towards our clients we can provide them a cheaper product and serve them faster. Easy Bank Import innovates and improves our company!"

Gert-Jan de Boer, Infocus

"Easy Bank has save a lot of man hour for us. It’s efficient, time saving, fast and easy to use.‚Äč"

Ritesh Gajapersad, De Cirkel Groep (Suriname)

"Easy Bank Import has allowed our business to take that extra leap into improving our overall efficiency, focusing our resources on what really matters: the quality of the financial reports rather than on the booking process."

Iraida Balentien-Libier, IFB Consulting